Catalytic Converter Etching Program

The You Etch It. We Catch It program launched in April 2023, and is aimed at reducing catalytic converter theft and deterring thieves.

Photo of catalytic converter on table with sign that says "You Etch It. We Catch It. I protect my catalytic converter."

Participating auto shops and automotive businesses in the city of Surrey will etch the last eight digits of a vehicle’s identification number (VIN) onto the owner’s catalytic converter free of charge while other servicing is being completed. This distinctive marking will help to identify when a catalytic converter has been stolen by connecting it to a victim, and may also help to prevent the theft in the first place.

The initiative is the result of a collaboration involving the Surrey RCMP South Community Response Unit, Property Crime Target Team, ICBC, and the City of Surrey in response to a rise in catalytic converter theft.

Local business partners taking part in the initiative will be provided with advertising materials to inform patrons of their involvement in the program. Businesses wishing to participate can contact Surrey RCMP at

There are other steps vehicle owners can take to mitigate the risk of catalytic converter theft, including:

• parking in a secure garage or close to a wall or barrier

• adjusting your vehicle security system to respond to vibrations such as those produced by a saw

• installing an anti-theft device such as a catalytic converter lock.

If you witness a crime in progress such as a catalytic converter theft, call 911.

To report a crime that is not in progress, call our non-emergency line at 604-599-0502. You can also report certain types of crimes online at

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