Car 67 Program

Car 67

What is Car 67?

Car 67 is a partnership between the Surrey RCMP and the Fraser Health Authority (Mental Health and Addiction Services). A uniform RCMP member and a clinical nurse specializing in mental health work together and respond to calls received involving emotional and mental health issues. The Car 67 team will drive in an unmarked police vehicle to enhance privacy of the individuals and families that they serve.

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What Services Does Car 67 Provide?

Car 67 provides on-site emotional and mental health assessments, crisis intervention and referrals to appropriate services. Referrals can be to local mental health centres, addictions services, and counselling services to name a few. Car 67 facilitates admission to hospital in cases where this is needed and will take over for regular general duty police officers of the responsibility of dealing with mental health issues involved in particular calls where their specialized knowledge is required.

What is the Referral Process?

When a person is in crisis they can call Surrey RCMP non-emergency number at 604-599-0502 or by dialing 911. Call-takers will receive the request and information, forward this to the dispatch centres who will dispatch a police officer. Regular police members will respond to the call and then refer it to Car 67 when available. When Car 67 is not on duty, regular RCMP members will go to a call and then refer the file to Car 67 for them to follow up the next time that they are on duty.

Other Mental Health Services

Fraser Health Crisis Line (24 hours)
Tel: 604-951-8855 or 1-877-820-7444


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