Auxiliary Program

Auxiliary Program

The Auxiliary Program strengthens community and police partnerships by providing volunteers with the opportunity to perform authorized activities in support of strategies to address the causes of, or reduce the fear of, crime and disorder.

Auxiliaries are uniformed volunteers under the command of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Auxiliaries participate in community policing activities, on an unarmed basis and under the direct supervision of a police officer or under the general supervision of the detachment, relating to programs and services in support of public safety and crime prevention. Auxiliaries assist police with community-based policing and crime prevention programs in a volunteer capacity, and may also assist police officers in the field under certain circumstances.

Basic Requirements


Auxiliaries must complete a basic training program that consists of 260 hours of classroom and practical instruction. Topics include law, police procedure, foot drills, self-defense, use of force, first aid, professionalism, effective presentations, and public contact. The training is delivered over a six month period. Full-day classes are held on consecutive Saturdays, with occasional evening classes during the week. Training schedule may be subject to change. The commitment to this training course is significant and attendance at all classes is mandatory.

Application Process

NOTE: The Auxiliary Program is not currently accepting applicants. Please check back here for further information and updates.
  1. Register for and attend a mandatory Information Session. After attending an Information Session you will receive an application form.
  2. Submit a signed application form, cover letter, current resume, and copy of your Driver’s Licence to the Surrey RCMP.
  3. Preliminary RCMP checks completed.
  4. Interview of applicants with successful preliminary RCMP checks.
  5. Security clearance documentation completed and submitted within 3 weeks following completion of the applicant interview.
  6. Security clearance processing (including a security interview).
  7. Certificate of Fitness Form and PARE Medical Clearance forms completed and submitted.
  8. Complete PARE Test (a date will be set for the candidates to complete the PARE Test)

Supporting Community Programs & Events

Auxiliaries support a number of community policing programs and services including Block Watch, Junior Police Academy and the Family Identification Program. Auxiliaries also provide traffic control assistance and a visible police presence at special community events such as Canada Day, Cloverdale Rodeo, Fusion Festival, Miri Piri, Remembrance Day, and Vaisakhi.


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