Family & Youth Resource Support Team (FYRST)

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The Surrey RCMP Family & Youth Resource Support Team (FYRST) works proactively with youth in grades 4 to 7. FYRST works with youth at the prevention and early intervention stage, when they first start to exhibit signs of poor decision making and need to find attachment to other resources and supports. The program has the goal of enhancing resiliency in the youth and their families to be able to better cope with the risk factors they are facing.  

FYRST teams, consisting of one police officer and one youth counsellor, are mobile and available to visit youth and parents in their homes or at school. Through early intervention and an individualized case management approach, FYRST aims to connect the youth and families to community through a variety of referrals.

FYRST also participates in the multi-agency Children and Youth At-Risk Table (CHART), which supports children and youth before they show negative or criminal behaviours. Similar to the Surrey Mobilization and Resiliency Table (SMART), referrals are brought to the CHART table and lead agencies are identified to best provide services for that referral. FYRST brings referrals to CHART and also acts as the lead or supporting agency on referrals that meet the FYRST mandate.     

FYRST is one of the programs within the Surrey Anti-Gang Family Empowerment (SAFE) program. The SAFE program is designed to prevent and address youth gang violence.

FYRST Referrals
Referrals to FYRST are accepted from Surrey educators, community agencies, and the public by contacting 604-502-6498 or emailing

Parent Helpline 604-599-7800
The Surrey RCMP Parent Helpline provides assistance to parents who are concerned about their children becoming involved in illegal activities.

Surrey RCMP youth officers and counsellors can provide parents with resources, police information, and intervention services.

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