Project Entry

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Providing faster police emergency response to multi-unit buildings.

Seconds count in an emergency

Entry phone systems provide important security to residents of multi-unit buildings and complexes. Unfortunately, they can also be a barrier to police during emergency situations.

The Surrey RCMP’s Project Entry program is an effort to reduce delays in police response for high priority calls. Officers are provided with a quick, secure method of entry, should a resident of the building need immediate assistance. Police are only given access to the public spaces of the building such as the lobby, elevators, and floors. Project Entry does not provide access to any private dwellings.

Project Entry establishes clear rules for privacy and building access to ensure the continued safety and security of all building occupants.

Join Project Entry

Project Entry is open to any multi-unit buildings/complexes in Surrey that have enhanced security. Buildings must have a digital entry phone panel that can be programmed with an external phone number that will provide access to police during emergencies.

This free, voluntary program is a partnership between the police and building strata and rental companies. Both parties sign a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the expectations and limitations of Project Entry.



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