Inadmissible Patrons Program (IPP)

Inadmissable Patrons Program (IPP)

In December 2018, the Surrey RCMP launched the Inadmissible Patrons Program (IPP) in Surrey, in partnership with the City of Surrey, BC Restaurant and Food Services Association (BCRFA) and Restaurants Canada.

Modelled after VPD’s Restaurant Watch program, the Surrey Gang Enforcement Team (SGET) developed the IPP to help prevent violent criminal activity in and around licensed establishments and to deter gang members from conducting their criminal activities in Surrey. The program will also give SGET an additional point of direct contact with gang members, furthering their goal of disrupting gang activity in Surrey.

IPP Objectives

  1. Public Safety: To deter public violence caused by organized crime groups and their associates by making it known that they are unwelcome in and will be removed from participating establishments.
  2. Patron Safety: To reduce the threat of collateral violence to establishment patrons by deterring individuals, whose activities pose a risk to public safety, from frequenting participating establishments.
  3. Staff Safety: To reduce interactions between establishment staff and individuals associated to criminal activity in order to eliminate the intimidation and fear such contact can bring.

Who are Inadmissible Patrons
An Inadmissible Patron is defined as a person whose lifestyle, associations and/or activities pose a risk to public safety, either directly or from third parties. This includes people who are involved with or associated to organized crime, gangs, and the drug trade.

In determining if someone is considered an Inadmissible Patron, police officers will weigh factors such as length of criminal history, seriousness of past criminal offences, risk the person poses to the public, current associates, and length of time since last offence. Outright bans will not be a part of the IPP and the Surrey RCMP will not maintain a list of Inadmissible Patrons. 

How IPP Works
Licenced bars and restaurants in Surrey that choose to join the IPP will sign an Inadmissible Patron Agreement (IPA) that authorizes the Surrey RCMP to act on the establishment’s behalf to identify and remove Inadmissible Patrons from the premises. Under the BC Trespass Act, authorized persons can require a person’s name and address (Section 8(1)) and ask them to leave the premises (Section 4(3)). Inadmissible Patrons will not be arrested or charged, providing they leave the establishment when requested by a person in authority.

Program Participants
Participating establishments display the IPP logo in their window or other prominent location. A number of restaurants and bars in Surrey have signed up with the IPP, as well some local festivals including the Cloverdale Rodeo and FVDED in the Park.


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