Yankee 30 Car

Car Yankee 30

Yankee 30 (Y30) Car is staffed by a Surrey RCMP Youth officer and a Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) Youth Probation officer. The Car Y30 team ensures Surrey youth (ages 12-18) who are on probation comply with their court ordered conditions. They also support the youth and their parents/guardians by providing access and referrals to other programs and services for high risk youth and their families. The Y30 team also provides specialized knowledge and resources to front-line police officers on issues relating to youth and the criminal justice system.

Yankee 30 Car is an intervention program that contributes to the Surrey RCMP’s long-term goal of reducing youth criminality and providing support and guidance to parents.

If you become aware of a youth who is in breach of their probation, please contact the Surrey RCMP non-emergency number (604-599-0502) or 911 if it is an emergency. Car Y30 will assist as appropriate.

Parents/guardians who are concerned about their child’s behaviour are encouraged to contact the Surrey RCMP’s Parent Helpline, Monday-Friday, at 604-599-7800.

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