Shattering the Image Anti-Gang Presentation

 A still image from the Shattering the Image presentation video, featuring the words "Shattering the Image" on a white garage door, with a pair of sneakers on the driveway nearby.

Inspired by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit’s End Gang Life program, Shattering the Image was developed by the Surrey Gang Enforcement Team (SGET) when the team identified a need for gang related information that was specific to Surrey.

Shattering the Image is made up of two modules that shatter the glamourized image of gangs, and provide youth with valuable information on making positive choices to avoid the gang lifestyle. Both modules are facilitated by SGET members and can be adapted to suit both youth and adult audiences.

This presentation shares the true story of gang life in Surrey and its consequences. SGET officers talk about the history of gangs and drug trafficking in Surrey, the dangers of dial-a-doping, and how social media is used to glamourize gang life and recruit youth.

Shattering the Image aims to give the hard facts on gangs and drugs so Surrey youth are equipped to make better choices, and adults know how to talk to kids about these topics and identify warning signs.

The Surrey RCMP is committed to a long-term strategy to address the issue of youth criminal involvement by promoting positive choices for kids and accessible support and guidance to parents.

If you are interested in booking a Shattering the Image presentation, please email Presentations are approximately one hour in length.

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