Stolen Auto Recovery

Stolen Auto Recovery

Ever drive down a street and see a vehicle you think might be stolen? Our Surrey RCMP volunteers and Block Watches regularly join the battle against auto crime through our Stolen Auto Recovery Program.

Trained volunteers utilize a database and smartphone app that allows them to run license plates in search of a stolen vehicle. If a plate number comes up as stolen, volunteers notify police who will attend to recover the vehicle.

Using data provided by our crime analysts and Auto Crime Target Team, volunteers are strategically deployed to locations known as auto crime hot spots. Shifts are done on foot and in vehicles. When a vehicle is stolen it is often used to commit additional crimes and eventually dumped on side streets or in parking lots.

On average, our volunteers check over 12,000 licence plates per month in Surrey.

Interested in joining our volunteer team? Visit the Surrey RCMP Volunteers page for more information.

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