Surrey Mobilization and Resiliency Table (SMART)

Surrey Mobilization and Resiliency Table (SMART)

Launched in 2015, the Surrey Mobilization and Resiliency Table (SMART) is an innovative way to address developing community problems before they become police problems or require other emergency services.

SMART is made up of human service professionals from a variety of disciplines including: law enforcement, corrections, housing, health, social services, income assistance, and education. These agencies are working together to mitigate risk before crisis can occur in the lives of individuals and families in Surrey’s City Centre.

Each week, the SMART group meets to review cases where there is a high risk of harm, victimization or criminality for an individual or family. If the group determines this is a situation of elevated risk that requires multi-agency intervention, the appropriate agencies will develop and execute a rapid response intervention plan within 24-48 hours.

SMART was modelled after the Hub model which originated in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 2011 and has since been implemented in 55 communities across Canada. This model has been instrumental in reducing high risk indicators such as child protection cases, violent crimes, and emergency room admissions. SMART is the first Hub to launch in British Columbia.

SMART represents a paradigm shift in public safety and wellness by recognizing that the police cannot and should not shoulder the responsibility for the health and safety of a community alone.

Over 60% of the Surrey RCMP’s calls for service deal with social issues such as poverty, substance abuse, homelessness, and mental health. Through a collaborative, multi-agency approach, SMART aims to help people who are most at risk of harm before they even need to deal with police.

The goals of the SMART program are to:

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