Police Mental Health Outreach Team (PMHOT)

Surrey RCMP’s Police Mental Health Outreach Team (PMHOT) is dedicated to responding to clients who have contact with police and are dealing with mental health or other quality of life issues such as homelessness or addiction.

The PMHOT is an enhanced policing model that uses a specialized team to assist vulnerable citizens who have contact with police or require an emergency response. The focus of the team is on building relationships with these residents, assisting with connections to services, and increasing the safety of those who live and work in the city.

The PMHOT develops integrated strategies to address crime, community concerns, and personal crisis in an inclusive manner throughout the City of Surrey. The team works in close collaboration with Fraser Health, City of Surrey Bylaws, and other local health and community partners.

Specifically, the Police Mental Health Outreach Team:

The Surrey RCMP is committed to a long term integrated and proactive response that is built on relationships with our partners and the community. When vulnerable persons receive support and develop increased capacity for healthy, safe living, this often leads to a reduction in criminal activity and a reduced demand on social services and policing.

Police Mental Health Outreach Team Services

PMHOT officers provide proactive outreach to vulnerable citizens throughout the city. Through collaborative patrols and liaising with partners, they support vulnerable clients and ensure a connection of services including shelter bed referrals, harm reduction education, drug treatment referrals, and medical services.

Car 67 Program
Car 67 is a partnership between Surrey RCMP and Fraser Health. The program has a specially trained RCMP member and clinical nurse responding to police calls for service involving mental health issues. Learn more about the Car 67 Program.

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