Message to parents

2022-06-28 08:24 PDT

On behalf of the Surrey RCMP, congratulations to all the students, parents, staff and administrators at Surrey Schools SD36 for completing a busy school year. We wish the graduating class of 2022 the greatest success in their future endeavors.

With summer break upon us, we’d like to share some tips and resources to ensure a safe and healthy summer. In addition, we’ve provided information on a number of Surrey RCMP youth programs that are available throughout the summer months.

Online safety 

Understanding and monitoring your child’s online activity is key to keeping an open dialogue with them about potentially harmful behaviour. Online exploitation by predators often starts through apps or games that have messaging, chat or webcam features. Not everyone online is who they say they are. Personal information such as school’s youth attend, first and last name, date of birth, should not be shared with strangers online. Stay on top of potentially harmful online trends by signing up for alerts via

See something, say something

Harmful incidents such as bullying, assaults, or other potential criminal activity need to be reported to police. Talk to your child about what it means to be a bystander, and the responsibility we all have to stand up and say something if we witness someone being harmed physically or emotionally. Encourage your child to talk to you if they have witnessed something that is upsetting, either in person or online. Surrey Schools has a dedicated website, Protecting Surrey Schools Together where youth can report anything that makes them feel unsafe. All criminal activity should be reported to police. An emergency call to police via 911 is for when you witness a crime or suspicious activity happening in front of you. Surrey RCMP’s non-emergency number is 604-599-0502 and certain crimes can be reported online.

Drug and substance abuse

The threat of illicit drugs being mixed with fentanyl or carfentanyl continues to pose a significant danger. Just a tiny amount of these drugs can cause serious harm or death. Fentanyl is a primary ingredient in fake oxycodone and Percocet tablets and can easily be mixed with ecstasy or MDMA. These types of drugs are popular at parties, concerts and festivals that many youth attend. As a parent, don’t assume your child is not experimenting with illicit drugs or thinking about trying them. Keep an open dialogue and an eye on your child’s activities, mood and friends. For more information, visit the Fraser Health Authority’s website.

Youth and family support

In collaboration with the Surrey School District and City of Surrey, the Surrey RCMP will continue to proactively engage with youth in a number of programs and events throughout the summer. These include cultural, sporting, and outdoor activities, as well as field trips and day camps for at-risk youth. A number of our youth and family intervention programs will continue to run throughout the summer.

The Surrey RCMP Parent Helpline (604-599-7800) provides guidance for parents/guardians who believe their child is involved or at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity. The Surrey RCMP Family & Youth Resource Support Team (FYRST) works with youth when they first start to exhibit signs of poor decision-making and need to find attachment to other resources and supports.
As always, our police officers and support staff are always just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, through our non-emergency number at 604-599-0502. On behalf of the Surrey RCMP, we wish you and your families a healthy and safe summer.

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