Grandpa’s old gun in the attic

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2019-06-11 14:04 PDT

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1. Photo of revolver.  2. Photo of black powder firearm.

For many adults arranging the care of an elderly family member, the challenge may take an unexpected twist when grandpa’s old gun is discovered while cleaning out the attic.

From trophies carried home by returning soldiers to family heirlooms tucked out of sight for decades the question often asked is ‘now what do I do with it?’.

It is not an uncommon call received by the Chilliwack RCMP from caregivers of relatives suffering from diminishing capacity through age or mental health, says Corporal Rodney Wagner of the Chilliwack RCMP. These folks have complied with the rules and regulations all of their life but now family is not sure what to do with a firearm.

The most efficient means of disposing of an unwanted firearm is to surrender it to a police or firearms officer.

Do not transport firearms to your local RCMP detachment or local authority, says Corporal Mike Rail spokesperson for the UFVRD. Contact us in advance to make arrangements for an officer to come to your location.

To contact the Chilliwack RCMP non-emergency line dial 604-792-4611.

For further information on safe disposal and firearms regulations visit us on line by clicking onto RCMP.

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