Who we are

Your Richmond RCMP has been serving the community for over 60 years. We are the third largest detachment in Canada with a total of 227 Regular Members, supported by 2 Civilian Members, 85 full time City Municipal employees, serving an estimated population of 207,500. We’re located in the Community Safety Building at 11411 No.5 Road, south of Steveston Hwy.

Strategic Priorities for the City of Richmond

  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Reduce Break and Enters & Thefts from Automobiles
  • Policing and Mental Health

External link, opens in a new windowApproved by the City of Richmond in 2015

Federal government contribution
The Federal Government cost shares 10% of Richmond's RCMP policing service. In fiscal year 2014/15 this amount exceeded $4M

What the RCMP brings to the table

  • Access to training and continuous learning. The RCMP trains and equips more than 18,000 RCMP police officers across the country. Training is constantly being improved to adapt to changing crimes and new legislation.
  • Internationally respected. Your RCMP officers are recognized as some of the best trained police officers in the world, and are regularly called by the UN and other counties to train other police forces.
  • They’ve seen it, solved it. RCMP officers have experience dealing with everything from earthquake response to riots. The RCMP led the successful security operations for the joint- forces 2010 Winter Olympics. They’re innovators.
  • Richmond isn’t alone. Thanks to the RCMP’s structure, your Richmond RCMP officers have direct access to experts across the region and country. And, if there’s an urgent problem, help is readily available from other Lower Mainland RCMP detachments.
Your Richmond RCMP's Personnel Breakdown
RCMP Regular and Civilian Members - City of Richmond202
RCMP Regular and Civilian Members - Vancouver Airport27
Municipal Employees85
Auxiliary Officers42

 Your Richmond RCMP's Personnel Tenure Chart, Less than 5 yrs: 39%, 5 to 10 yrs: 46%, 10 to 15 yrs: 11%, 15 to 20 yrs: 4%

Who chooses the Chief RCMP Officer?

Mayor and staff are directly involved in the interview and selection process to determine who heads your Richmond RCMP. Superintendent Rendall Nesset is the current Officer in Charge, and he has been at Richmond Detachment for almost 14 years.

Who’s in charge of what?

  • Budgets, priorities and staffing levels – Richmond City Council
  • Police operations, training and assignment of staff – RCMP

How long do RCMP officers stay?

61% of Richmond RCMP officers have been in Richmond for at least 5 years, some up to 20 years.

New recruits to Richmond stay a minimum of 5 years, and other officers who come to the detachment may transfer after 3 years. Richmond is a desirable career option for RCMP officers.

Total number of crime incidents 2013-2015, Source: Lower Mainland District PRIME Data Crime statistics

Decision-making Authority: Setting the priorities, goals and objectives of your Richmond RCMP

Richmond RCMP completes a detachment External link, opens in a new windowAnnual Performance Plan every fiscal year, which allows the RCMP to tailor our services according to the priorities set by the City of Richmond. Priorities support:

  • crime reduction
  • community policing
  • integrated policing

Community consultation is a key component. This takes place in part through the City of Richmond’s External link, opens in a new windowCommunity Safety Committee. Richmond RCMP submits monthly reports to the Committee, External link, opens in a new windowavailable to the public in minutes online with the City of Richmond. Via these monthly meetings, the RCMP brings other issues to council’s attention, such as:

  • Prioritizing areas for speed enforcement
  • New forensic trace technologies
  • Changes in crime patterns

Speech bubbles - In the 2011 Census, 59.5% of residents of Richmond reported to only speak a non-official language at home. Did you know...Over 40 languages are spoken by employees of the Richmond RCMP? 

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