Unsolved crimes in Nanaimo: Thursday November 9th to Thursday November 16th


2017-11-17 12:59 PST

File # Unsolved crimes in Nanaimo

1. Nanaimo file # 2017-37940 The Nanaimo Aquatic Centre and Beban Park recreation centres are experiencing an increase in theft of clothing and personal items.Thieves are entering change rooms and randomly going through unattended bags and clothing to find anything of value. Never leave clothing or on benches and always lock your items in available storage lockers. When swimming, pin your locker key to your swimming suit.

2. Nanaimo file # 2017-37957 Sometime overnight on Thursday November 9th a red Honda Generator was stolen from Raylec Power on Maughan Road. The stolen generator was locked and in the back of a truck however thieves cut the lock and carried it away. It appears the suspects may have crawled under the surrounding fence to gain access to the compound.

3. Nanaimo file #2017-38102 Sometime overnight on Friday November 10th a GMC pickup parked on Skinner St was broken into; taken were tools and sunglasses. In recent months Nanaimo has seen a significant increase in theft from motor vehicles. Thieves need little incentive to break into your vehicle. If there is anything of value and in plain view, they will find a way to steal it. Always lock your doors and do not leave anything visible in your vehicle.

4. Nanaimo file # 2017-38277 Sometime overnight on Saturday November 11th two mail boxes at Marban Road and Roberta Road were vandalized. It is unsure if anything was in the boxes although the locking mechanisms had been destroyed. Always report any suspicious persons or vehicles around mailboxes and pick up mail your mail daily. If you are away, contact Canada Post to have your mail held.

5. Nanaimo file # 2017-38334 Sometime overnight on Sunday November 12th a child's blue and white mountain bike was stolen from the backyard of home in the 500 block of Ninth St. No make or serial number was available.

6. Nanaimo file # 2017-38405 On Monday November 13th a report was received of a male, naked as a jaybird wandering around the area of Northfield Road and Bowen Road. When officers arrived they found the suspect who by this time had decided to cover his upper half but had for some reason left the lower half exposed to the elements. The male, who was very high on something was arrested for Causing a Disturbance and given room and board compliments of the Nanaimo RCMP. Kids- this is a great example of why not to do drugs because you too could lose your pants. Attending officers provided the male with a new pair of pants prior to his release.

7. Nanaimo file # 2017-38457 On Monday November 13th police were called to the Manhattan Store located in the Woodgrove Centre for a report of a male shoplifter. The suspect had fled prior to police arrival with an estimated 200 dollars in bracelets. Employees said the suspect was very smooth and talked up a blue streak, obviously to keep the employees off guard so he could pocket the bracelets. Starting now up and throughout Holiday season shoplifting will increase significantly. Store employees need to be vigilant at all times when dealing with customers handling jewellery. Keep your eye on the prize at all times and if you can, limit the number of items being handled at any given time.

8. Nanaimo file # 2017-38493 On Tuesday November 14th at 1 am United Rentals on Kenworth Road was broken into. Gates surrounding the building were cut and entry made. Two sheds and one locked cube van were forced open and taken was a gas axe or also known as an oxyacetylene cutting torch. A tool box which contained a number or ratchets and wrenches was also taken.

9. Nanaimo file # 2017- 38606 On Wednesday November 15th two male suspects stole 4 propane tanks from Jim’s General Store on Old Victoria Road. The tanks were held in an outside storage container which the suspects tore off. The suspects were seen on video walking away with the tanks.

10. Nanaimo file # 2017- 38730 On Thursday November 16th a glass door alarm was activated at Laird Wheaton on Kenworth Road. When police arrived they found one of the doors leading to their shops smashed with what appeared to be a rusted metal tank cap. Entry was not made into the interior of the building.


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