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2017-05-15 11:32 PDT

File # 2017 Keep registering your bikes with 529 Garage

529 Garage

The 529 Garage app has once again been instrumental in reuniting a Nanaimo resident with their stolen bike.

On March 18th, the victim of the bike theft locked their bike up outside a local mall. When the victim returned 5 hours later the lock had been cut and the bike stolen. The theft was reported to the police; however the victim did not have the serial number at the time of the report. In the two weeks following the theft, the victim’s mother, Lori, tracked down the serial number from the previous owner. While visiting Arrowsmith Bikes, staff informed Lori to report it stolen on 529 Garage. Investigators were able to search the 529 Garage database to locate the owner of the bike which had been seized during the execution of a search warrant carried out at the end of March.

My son had only had his bike for 1 month and he has been riding it every day since he got it, instead of playing video games. He has been depressed since it was stolen and will be so happy to get it back. said Lori Sergeant.

529 Garage provides the public an avenue to participate in helping police reunite bikes with their owners. It is critical that people record details & take photos of their bikes so they have all the information in the event it does get stolen.  said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.
There is a greater likelihood of victims not reporting their bike as stolen to the police if they do not have descriptive details of the bike including make, model, serial number and colour. 529 Garage enables victims to post photos of the stolen bike. Since July 2016, approximately 600 bikes have been registered with 529 Garage in Nanaimo & 20,000+ bikes have been registered in BC since October 2015.
Recent statistics:
• 49 bikes have been reported stolen in Nanaimo from Jan 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017; the majority stolen had cable locks that were cut or had been left unlocked
• 37 bikes have been seized in Nanaimo in the same time frame with only 3 being returned to owners; 1 of the 3 was recovered in Victoria
• Approximately 1,100 bikes have been reported stolen in Nanaimo in the last five years

RCMP volunteers will be registering bikes during Bike to Work week at the following locations:

Visit a local bike shop to invest in a solid lock for your bike and to find more information on registering your bike visit, download the free app 529 Garage for IOS or Android mobile devices.

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