Romance scams


2017-03-16 13:21 PDT

File # 2017 Romance Scams

Romance scams

Social media sites such as Facebook and free online dating sites are the favoured means used by fraudsters to lure potential victims in to accepting their friendship, then swindling their hard earned money. This can often lead to financial hardship and a life time of embarrassment.

Millions of people are online connecting with people of similar interests. Criminals will gain your trust over a period of weeks through overt displays of affection while online. The fraudsters are patient and will wait for a level of trust to develop before mentioning the need for money, which will inevitably be brought up in some manner or another.

The fraudster presents themselves as a world traveller who works in a foreign country for extended periods of time. At some point the ploy will be introduced. They either want to meet you in person or they have come into some financial hardship that without your support will make their lives intolerable. They will ask for money to assist them and will always promise you that it will be paid back in full.

How to protect yourself

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