Auto Crime

The more you know about auto crime, the better you can protect your investment in your car and its contents. How much is the contents of your garage worth? How much is your car worth? It is important to consider the cost of time, inconvenience and/or money when considering the alternative in having your car or its contents stolen.

How to Protect Your Vehicle:

Four main reasons vehicles are stolen!


Anti Theft Devices
There are numerous anti theft devices on the market. These include, steering wheel locks, automatic engine shut offs, satellite tracking, window etching, and car alarms. Visit ICBC’s website for more information on Anti-Theft devices.

Buyer Beware

Make sure that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the dashboard identification plate matches that on the vehicle registration form and that it has not been tampered with. If it has been tampered with, it may be a stolen vehicle. Signs to look for:


Ten Tips On How To Avoid Auto Crime

How To Report A Stolen Vehicle

If you witness a theft in progress, dial 911 immediately. Otherwise call the Ridge Meadows RCMP non-emergency number at 604-463-6251

The police will require the following information:

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