Timeshare Scam Targets Owners

North Vancouver

2017-10-17 09:45 PDT

File # 2017-27007

Beach and 'vacation scams'

Want to sell your timeshare? Many timeshare owners decide they can no longer afford their vacation rentals, it is not being used enough, or they may have inherited a timeshare and don’t want to keep it. Police caution sellers wanting to offload their vacation timeshare properties that they may be targeted by scammers.

North Vancouver RCMP have received several complaints of such a scam, whereby the scammers approach the seller with promises that they have a buyer who is prepared to pay double the value of the timeshare.

In one case, a deal was made with the owner directed to wire transfer thousands of dollars to an escrow account in Mexico to pay for taxes, administration and brokerage fees. No monies were sent as the owner sensed a scam. If a seller does wire money there is little recourse available to help them in getting that money back.

Tips on how to spot a timeshare scam – wherever it may originate:

The scam doesn’t always stop there. A second fraudulent business may then contact the victimized owner offering to help recover the money lost in the first scam. In these cases the victim is asked to pay yet another fee. As with the first scam no money is ever recovered and telephone calls and emails are unanswered.

If you have been victimized by such a scam the RCMP recommend that you contact your local police agency along with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. For more information go to BC.RCMP and the Better Business Bureau websites.


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