New Langley RCMP Community Policing Volunteer Duo Giving Above & Beyond

2017-10-11 11:23 PDT

Dossier nº Cell Watch

After their long and enjoyable careers in the hotel and food industry Don and Velma MacAllister, always together, entered the ranks of retirement with enthusiasm in their new roles as community policing volunteers.

Their journey began in their then local community of Delta with the municipal Delta Police Department, and just fifteen short months ago, the Langley RCMP were lucky recipients of this dynamic community policing volunteer duo.

Don & Velma Macallister 

We just love being and doing things together, so why not do something that benefits our community?, Don mused. We’re very happy to give back, and in return, we get to work with a great team of volunteers & members, meet new people, interact and educate the public on a variety of safety topics. It is all very positive and we thoroughly enjoy it.

During their three and a half years with Delta Police and 15 months with Langley RCMP, Don and Velma have contributed an amazing 6,500 volunteer hours. They are always seen together and are well-known in the communities that they have served. They enjoy working on a variety of programs, including ICBC’s Distracted Driving Cell Watch program and are eager to start this month’s Pedestrian safety campaign.

Cell Watch is an educational initiative aimed at reducing distracted driving in B.C. communities and is conducted in partnership with police, volunteers and ICBC. The program is designed to remind drivers that it’s dangerous to use hand-held cellphones and other personal electronic devices when driving. Cell Watch road-side surveys are conducted by volunteers who are supervised by police and have received the necessary security clearance, uniforms and training.

I think it’s great that there is a specific Cell Watch program where we can monitor what drivers are doing in terms of distractions for both the RCMP and ICBC’s benefit, notes Velma. It’s important for everyday people like us to spread the word that distracted driving - and distracted walking - can put yourself at risk of injury, and even death. We enjoyed participating in the Cell Watch program this September and look forward to assisting ICBC and the RCMP distribute high-visibility reflectors to pedestrians this Fall.

It is wonderful to have such passionate and committed volunteers province wide helping to make B.C. communities safer through education and engagement with the public, said Leanne Cassap, local ICBC road safety coordinator Don and Velma MacAllister are true community safety ambassadors and will be an incredible asset to the Langley communities, both Township and City.

When driving, we need to take a break from our phones, be extra alert at intersections and be ready to yield the right-of-way, adds Leanne Cassap.When walking, we need to help drivers see us by staying focused on the road and making eye contact with drivers. There is no doubt in my mind that Don and Velma and all of the community policing volunteers will again be front and centre giving it their all to help us get these messages out. They truly are helping to make The Langley’s the safest place to be.


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