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Dossier nº 2001-5612

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Serious Crime Investigators are hoping to garner a new ‘clue’ in the disappearance of Raymon SHAW who was first reported missing in 1964.

Raymon was reported missing by his wife on November 25th of 1964. She advised he had gone to the bank and never returned to their home in the 20900 block of what is now 48th Avenue. Raymon & his wife had been married earlier that year.

There have been extensive efforts to locate Mr. SHAW throughout the years however, these efforts were stymied when it was discovered Mr. SHAW may not have been who he claimed to be. Investigators discovered Raymon SHAW had also gone by the names John ADAMS and Walter BRIAN. Further, he was very likely a fraudster who married women to swindle them out of their money.

It is unlikely Raymon SHAW is still alive today. He told his wife was born in New Brunswick in 1914 however there is no record of such a person. It is possible there was a clerical error in the recording of his birthdate. Alternatively, Mr. SHAW provided an incorrect date of birth as part of his ruse.

Raymon SHAW

There is a suggestion that Mr. SHAW’s mother’s maiden name was CASEY however no relatives could ever be located for him. He was described as a quiet man who seemed to inspire confidence in people. In 1964, he was a plumber in the White Rock area.

On November 25th Raymon called his wife and told her he would be home around 7:30 that night. He never returned and his vehicle was found on Beatty Street in Vancouver three weeks later.

During the initial investigation, it was learned that Raymon SHAW was seen in the Okanagan area of British Columbia using the two aliases mentioned shortly after being reported missing in Langley.

Investigators are hoping to locate family descendants of Mr. SHAW and ultimately figure out what happened to him all those years ago. In that vein, a photograph of him was located in the hopes someone may recognize him from all those years ago.

If you have information that might assist with this investigation, please call Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200.

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