Bumper Cars in Langley City Parking Lot


2017-07-06 09:51 PDT

Dossier nº 2017-23499

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Langley RCMP was called in the very early morning yesterday (July 5th) for a report of a Dodge pickup and trailer crashing into vehicles in a Langley City parking lot.

Police were told the vehicle left the lot and was traveling northbound on 200th street and were able to locate and stop the vehicle.

The driver, a 20 year old female of no fixed address, indicated she was unaware she had damaged vehicles and attempted to jump out of the truck and run from police. She was arrested quickly and was issued violation tickets for Fail to Remain, Possess Open Liquor and defective vehicle.

A male was seen running from the vehicle near the collision scenes and is believed to have been the driver prior to and during the collision.

Multiple (five) vehicles were damaged as well as a building in the parking lot. The trailer was unhooked from the pickup in the lot and was towed as an abandoned vehicle.

Police believe the driver fled as he was wanted by police on outstanding warrants.

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