Do You Really Know the Rules about School Zones?


2017-04-21 10:56 PDT

Dossier nº 2017-School Zones

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If you spend any time at all driving around Langley, you will likely have to drive through a school zone or a playground zone. Do you know the difference? What does this mean to you as a driver?

Playground and School Zones are scattered throughout the Langleys and are often raised as a concern to Police when it appears children aren’t safe.

Let’s start with the similarities between School & Playground zones:

Now for the differences:

One particular area of concern is the playground zone on 36th Avenue. This 30 km/h zone is a full kilometer long so it might be easy to think, Oh, I must be through it by now, when in reality, you need to continue at 30 km/h until you see the back of the sign at the other end.

Langley RCMP officers and volunteers have been spending some time doing both education and enforcement in the school zones on 48th Avenue (Langley Christian Schools).

What most motorists don’t know is there are two school speed zones in the area which are split apart by only 50 – 75 meters. So what happens is the driver thinks he has ‘cleared’ the school zone, when they are just about to enter into a second one. Children from kindergarten through grade 12 attend these two schools and can be near the roadway at any time throughout the day.

Volunteers from Langley RCMP Speed watch have set up in the area to educate drivers on the speed and officers have attended to conduct enforcement. Over a period of two days, over 40 speeding tickets were served. Seems crazy, right?

The last thing to remember is not all schools have a designated school zone. You may see a school sign without a speed designation underneath and this is to advise motorists there may be children in the area during school hours so drive with extra caution.

Here are some additional fun facts about school zones:

Did you know:

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