2016 OIC awards recognize exceptional work by Mounties, volunteers, city staff and citizens


2017-05-17 09:24 PDT

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The Coquitlam RCMP held its annual OIC Awards, Tuesday, May 16th at the local detachment. Superintendent Sean Maloney, Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Coquitlam RCMP recognized those who went above and beyond in 2016 in the areas of leadership, community service, excellence in performance, valour and innovation. Several Mounties also received their Long Service Medals, which recognize the day-to-day actions of RCMP officers in long careers of exemplary service and are awarded after 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service.

This ceremony is a great event, said Supt. Maloney. I’ve been at this detachment for three years and I’m constantly impressed by the dedication and excellence shown by our officers, our community volunteers, our employees and the citizens of the communities we serve. It’s a real honour for me to stand up and recognize the hardworking and dedicated men and women who strive to keep our communities safe and strong".

The valour award, which recognizes exceptional work in assisting first responders, is the only OIC award that can be given to a private citizen and Mr. Christopher Roberts was the only private citizen to receive the award this year. Mr. Roberts’ was honoured for intervening in a potentially deadly incident where a man got stabbed in the neck. By the time officers arrived, Mr. Roberts had convinced the suspect to drop his weapon and kept the suspect at the scene for police.

It was no big deal, said Mr. Roberts about the incident. I heard a call for help and just went to help.

Mr. Roberts’ humility about his actions was not echoed by the Mounties that responded to the call. It was a huge deal, said Staff Sargeant Rachel Meredith-Milne who was in charge of the detachment’s first responders that day. Without his intervention, that call could easily have ended in tragedy—in fact, I’m not sure it could have ended in anything other than a tragedy. Chris Roberts made all the difference in the world to our members and the community that day.

Recipients of the OIC Awards for Leadership:

Recipients of the OIC Awards for Community Service:

A/Csts. and OIC, Superintendent Sean Maloney

Recipients of the OIC Awards for Excellence in Performance:


OIC, Superintendent Sean Maloney, Coquitlam Mayor Stewart with Gail Conrod and Jackie Rothenberger


OIC, Superintendent Sean Maloney and Coordinated Collision Investigation Team

Recipients for OIC Awards for Valour:

OIC, Superintendent Sean Maloney, Coquitlam City Mayor Stewart and Mr. Roberts

Recipient for OIC Awards for Innovation:

Recipients of the Long Service Medal:

More information about the Coquitlam RCMP OIC Awards:

To be awarded for superior leadership skills that made a significant, positive contribution to the Coquitlam RCMP. Leadership skills include, but are not limited to: problem solving, planning, organization, communication and/or administration.

Community Service:
To be awarded for superior commitment to developing, implementing and/or taking part in programs, projects or initiatives that benefit the community, its neighbourhoods, schools, businesses, and/or other partner/stakeholder organizations.

Excellence in Performance:

To be awarded for superior attention to duty and/or an outstanding work effort leading to the identification and/or resolution of a significant challenge.


To be awarded for bravery and/or selflessness in the aid of emergency responders and/or a fellow citizen.


To be awarded for the design and/or implementation of innovations put into useful practice. Particular attention will be paid to:


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