Chief for a Day - Ms. Logan Lay

B.C., Ridge Meadows

2017-06-29 15:28 PDT

Chief Lay signs the oath of office.

Maple Ridge, B.C. – Ridge Meadows RCMP, in support of Cops for Cancer, announce Logan Lay as their Police Chief…for a day.

Today, Thursday June 29th, Superintendent Jennifer Hyland appointed 20 year old local resident Logan Lay as Chief for the day. 

Gr. 5 student Laina with Chief Logan Lay.

The guest of honour Logan Lay, or Loggie-Bear as she’s known to her family and friends, has been battling brain cancer since 2005. Logan is inspiring and strong and has never been a quitter. She has helped raise millions of dollars for research and support for families of childhood cancers, and as Chief for the Day, is supporting the 2017 Cops for Cancer bbq at Ridge Meadows RCMP.


Superintendent Jennifer Hyland said, I firmly believed when I assumed the role of 'Chief of Police’ that it was important to do what I could for the citizens, especially children and young adults. I had the opportunity to meet the Lay family this year, and I reached out to see if being Chief for a day would be something Logan was interested in experiencing. Once I knew she wanted to, I shared the idea with the Team at Ridge Meadows Detachment and it really took off from there. The Police Officers and Staff that support Cops 4 Cancer are all incredible people, also doing more for the community every day. It was an 'easy' thing for me to do for an incredible young person that has reminded all of us to not to 'sweat the small stuff' and really make the most of each day.

Chief Logan Lay, Superintendent Jennifer Hyland, and Laina.
To start her day, Chief Lay was sworn in and took part in inspecting some of the on duty officers. A quick break for a barbeque lunch, during which Superintendent Hyland’s daughter, Laina, had her hair cut which was donated to the cancer agency for a wig. Chief Lay then went for a marine patrol of Pitt Lake on the police boat.

All proceeds raised will go to Ridge Meadows RCMP Cops for Cancer bike riders, Corporal Vanags and Constable Holland. To donate to Cops for Cancer participants, please go to:

Logan has undergone extensive therapy since she was diagnosed in 2005. She's received nearly 250 doses of chemotherapy, full brain and spine radiation treatment and had multiple surgeries. She missed years of school, fell behind her peers in nearly all aspects of life, and struggled with being sick for so many years until she caught a break in 2011 when she learned her cancer responded to treatment. Her tumour shrunk and then stabilized.

For over 5 years she enjoyed freedom from the cancer world. Her scans showed no disease progression and she was doing well, and looking forward to the future. However, last summer she collapsed. An MRI confirmed the biggest fear, tumour growth. Logan would need to start chemotherapy immediately. This will be her fourth time to undergo the treatments.

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