2016 Year in Review


2017-06-06 12:45 PDT

Coquitlam RCMP 2016 Year in Review

OIC Supt. Sean Maloney

The sworn officers, civilian staff, and volunteers that make up the Coquitlam RCMP team serve the citizens of Anmore, Belcarra, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and the Kwikwetlem First Nation—a permanent resident population of more than 200,000. We also serve the tens of thousands of people who travel to and through our jurisdiction every day for school, work, and recreation. We provide 24/7 response to call and investigations as well as a wide range of crime prevention and community education initiatives that help make our jurisdiction a safe, secure place to live, work and play.

Stats & Facts

Calls for Service

Total calls for service in 2016 43,094

Total calls for service in 2016: 43,094

40% of the calls for service we received in 2016 required urgent or immediate response.

DO YOU KNOW when to call 9-1-1 and when to call our non-emergency line?
Tip: if an incident is happening right in front of you and a person or property is at risk, call 911. If the incident is over and no people or property were seriously harmed, call the non-emergency line 604-945-1550. And, no matter what, don’t try to report crime on social media, email or text message.


Top 5 Calls for Service

 Top 5 calls for service

  1. Suspicious person/vehicle/occurrence
  2. False/abandoned 911
  3. Cause disturbance
  4. Theft from vehicle
  5. Traffic

Almost 2,800 false or abandoned 9-1-1 calls were handled in 2016.

We had to follow up on each and every one of them to make sure the caller was safe. We need your help to make sure all 911 calls are real 911 calls.

Tip: Lock your phone’s screen before you slip it into your pocket or bag to reduce the chance of purse or pocket dials. If you dial 911 by mistake, stay on the phone and talk to our staff. You’ll spare us the time we’d otherwise spend trying to track you down to make sure you’re okay. More 9-1-1 FAQs.

Road Safety

 Road Safety

Almost 7,500 drivers got tickets for distracted driving, speeding or breaking the rules in an intersection.

Police-reported collisions
Fatal Collisions -  4
Injury Collisions  - 301
Property Damage Collisions - 1,352

Distracted driving -  2,012
Impaired driving  - 273
Intersection violation - 2,817
Speed  - 2,617
Seatbelt violation - 573
Total tickets issued -  8,292

DID YOU KNOW? Police aren’t the only ones working to make our roads safer…Cell Watch and Speed Watch volunteers scanned more than 60,000 vehicles for excessive speed and device use in 2016. More on the Tri-Cities Speed Watch program


Community Safety

67% non criminal code 33% criminal code. Of the criminal code offences, 61% are Property Crimes, 27% are Other Crimes and 12% are Person Crimes


Did you know? The police enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, but we also enforce thousands of other statutes and bylaws—like the BC Motor Vehicle Act—that fall in to the category of non-Criminal Code

Top 5 Criminal Code Offences

  1. Cause disturbance
  2. Theft from vehicle
  3. Mischief
  4. Theft (<$5,000)
  5. Shoplifting (<$5,000)

Over 30% of all founded Criminal Code incidents in 2016 were either break and enters or auto theft. Visit coquitlam.rcmp.ca and follow us on social media to find out what you can do to prevent these high volume property crimes from impacting your family and your neighbourhood. 

DID YOU KNOW? Violent crime—also known as persons crime—is very rare in the communities we serve; making up less than 4% of all founded incidents in 2016.

Online & Social Media

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Where Did You See Us In 2016?

Connected To Our Communities


Coquitlam RCMP officer reading to classroom for Family Literacy Day


Mayor Stewart, Jean Christophe Fleury, the Consul General of France, John "Doc" Cumbers, Mayor Moore

Coquitlam RCMP officers at Soroptomist Gala


Mounties marching in Port Coquitlam's May Day parade

Cops for Cancer Jail and Bail event at Coquitlam Centre


Safety Bear and Cst. Luca doing push ups at Coquitlam's Teddy Bear Picnic


Mounties and Canadian flag


 Coquitlam RCMP Junior Mountie Police Academy


Coquitlam RCMP Inspector Massie & Cops for Cancer riders


Welcome to Coquitlam event


Red Serge Classic


Mountie in Red Serge in front of police vehicle filled with food for cram the cruiser event.

 Where else have you seen us?

Tug of war at Neighbourhood Nights

Coquitlam RCMP officers on bikes

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2016 Coquitlam RCMP Year in Review

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