Mountie walks on water to rescue lost camper


2019-09-17 08:08 PDT

File # 2019-35044

Cst Skrine appearing to walk on water to rescue stranded camper

A late night visit to the loo on Newcastle Island, ended up with a 66-year-old camping enthusiast, getting lost for hours, then having to call Mounties to rescue her. The Nanaimo resident was eventually located and was no worse for wear from her ordeal. The incident played out on Monday September 2nd on nearby Newcastle Island, just a 10-minute boat ride from Nanaimo.

I began quite innocently when nature called for the 66-year-old female, who will remain anonymous. She later told Mounties she was camping with friends and after finishing her business, she began walking the short distance back to her campsite. This is when things went horribly wrong for the lady, who uses a walker to get by. After a few minutes she realized she was lost. She decided though to keep walking, and walking, hoping she would eventually find her site but to no avail. After walking aimlessly for several hours, she finally gave up and called 911.

To her rescue came Constables Ty Skrine and Ian Gray from the Nanaimo RCMP, who commandeered the detachment vessel and drove the short distance to the Island. After having her phone pinged by RCMP Communications Centre, the tired and somewhat frazzled but grateful camper was located.

The officers, realizing she was looking at a one hour walk back to her campsite asked her if she would just rather go back to Nanaimo. She agreed so over the next half hour, with Cst Skrine gently guiding her and Cst Gray navigating the detachment vessel, they managed to get her onboard and departed for Nanaimo.

While escorting her to their vessel, Cst Gray snapped a picture of Cst Skrine walking with their new found friend. They later laughed as it appeared Cst Skrine was walking on water .  While the officers are capable of many things, walking on water is not one of their acquired skills, said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

The 66-year-old expressed her sincere gratitude to the officers and told them she would make sure she let her camping partners know she was fine. Prior to arriving in Nanaimo the officers took a few minutes to discuss with her some tips on what NOT to do when lost, which she graciously accepted, said O'Brien. 

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