BC kids attend RCMP Youth Leadership Workshop in Regina


2019-09-06 09:03 PDT

Working with youth across the country is a priority for the RCMP. Fostering healthy relationships and trust with youth while discussing the important issues that they face in their respective communities can help youth to develop the necessary skills to face challenges, as well as make the right choices.

During the week of August 5th to 11th, 2019 13 grades 9 to 12 students from Canada accompanied by RCMP officers headed to Depot in Regina to attend the RCMP Youth Leadership Workshop. The workshop, which is held annually, gives youth the tools and support they need surrounding issues with youth crime in their communities.

Three student representatives attended from British Columbia with the officers who were their mentors, from the communities of Williams Lake, Nanaimo, and Maple Ridge.

Photo of BC youth and their RCMP mentors.

Constable Lisa Eikanger, attended with the youth she mentored, Joanna-Rae Alphonse of Williams Lake. According to Cst. Eikanger, "the Youth Leadership Program gives our young people an opportunity to express themselves and achieve their goals to improve their communities across Canada in partnership with the RCMP.

At the workshop youth collaborated with their RCMP mentors and other kids to develop plans that they could into action to help their community tackle issues affecting youth, including reconciliation, mental health, bullying, diversity and inclusion, substance misuse and healthy relationships. These are issues which plague youth in every community throughout Canada. When they return to their communities, participants will put these plans in action with support from their local RCMP detachment.

Of Joanna-Rae, Cst. Eikanger said, she really stepped up and showed the strength to be a leader and a role model. I look forward to supporting Joanna-Rae’s Community Project to its completion."

Joanna-Rae herself had no idea what to anticipate. At the beginning I had no idea what I was getting into, however the officers and youth I met were very welcoming and friendly. I, got an inside look at what life at Depot is like with the help of Cst. Eikanger. For Joanna-Rae, the experience was clearly eye-opening, through this experience I was able to witness the different passions of the youth in their various communities, as well as see from the officers’ point of view. This was definitely a once in a life time experience.

If you would like more information on the RCMP Youth Leadership Workshop or find out how you can participate, please visit: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cycp-cpcj/lead-eng.htm.

Currently the RCMP is looking for Canadians between the ages of 13 and 21 can apply to be a part of the 2019-20 RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee! Request the application package via email at RCMP.Youth-Jeunesse.GRC@rcmp-grc.gc.ca. The deadline to apply is September 12, 2019.

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