Whistler RCMP investigating string of theft from vehicles


2017-12-11 12:07 PST

File # 2017-7217

Whistler RCMP had their hands busy on December 8th with a series of theft from autos that occurred in several parking lots. Over the day we received reports of over 15 vehicles being broken into, presumably overnight, noted Sgt. Knapton. Police also had 2 reports of vehicles being stolen, with one being recovered, as well as another vehicle being located, which had been stolen from Kamloops.

Police are investigating this string of thefts, and are conducting forensic exams on evidence that was located. We are hopeful that we can identify the suspects involved, according to Sgt. Knapton who notes that vehicle owners can minimize the potential for something similar to happen to them. Residents and visitors can take some basic steps to reduce their chance of becoming a victim of theft, said Knapton, such as:

• Locking your vehicle when you park it
• Ensuring that you do not leave valuables in your vehicle, or they are out of sight
• Do not leave loose change in your vehicle
• Never leave high value items, such as wallets, credit cards and travel documents in your vehicle unattended
• Do not leave garage door openers in your vehicle, particularly when parked in your driveway.
• Use of a theft deterrent system is helpful

With the arrival of ski season, the large number of visitors to the area can be attractive for some thieves. Whistler RCMP would like everyone to have a good experience when visiting, and taking steps to prevent theft will help. Whistler RCMP would also like to remind the public that if they believe someone else’s vehicle is being broken into, or see anything suspicious to contact them at 604-932-3044.

Rob Knapton
Operations NCO
Whistler RCMP-GRC


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Sgt. Rob Knapton

Operations NCO
Whistler RCMP
4315 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, B.C. V0N 1B4
Office: 604-932-3044
Fax: 604-905-1961

Email: rob.knapton@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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