Protect Your Property


  • Do you keep your doors locked at all times even when you’re home?
  • Have you re-keyed your locks since you moved in?
  • Do your doors have a wide-angle peephole viewer?
  • Are all exterior doors solid core hardwood or metal covered?
  • Are entrance doors equipped with 1 good quality dead bolts?
  • Do you have 6 - 8 security strike plates?
  • Is the strike plate reinforced with 3 screws that pass through the door frame and into the wall stud?
  • Is the glass in outside doors at least 40 from the lock?
  • Is the glass in outside doors shatter resistant?
  • Do all out-swing doors have a hinge with a locking pin or non-removable pins?
  • Does your door fit snugly in your door jam (e.g. within 1/4 inch)?
  • Do you have a patio door bar fastened into both the frame and the door to securely lock the door?
  • Have you inserted screws into the top track of your patio door to prevent it from being lifted up and removed?
  • Do you leave your patio door open at night for ventilation, securing it with a patio door bar?
  • Do not open your door to anyone you don’t know. Speak through the door.


  • Does your garage door close tightly?
  • Are garage doors closed and locked when not in use?
  • Does your automatic garage door opener use a rolling code system to prevent code grabbing?
  • If the garage door is not equipped with an electronic opener, does it have heavy duty padlocks installed on both sides of the door?
  • Is there a switch to shut off the automatic garage door?
  • Is the door from the garage into the house equipped with a deadbolt and do you always lock it?
  • Can the garage lights be turned on from inside the house?
  • Do you have window security bars installed on your garage windows?
  • Do you have your garage door opener in a non-visible spot in your vehicle - or ideally not kept in your vehicle?
  • Do you remove your keys from vehicles parked inside your garage even if the garage is locked?
  • Do you remove all valuables from plain sight in your vehicle?
  • Do you have window coverings on all garage windows?


  • Are all basement and ground floor windows fitted with window security bars, security pins or security latches?
  • Are basement and ground floor windows shatter resistant?
  • Do you have window coverings on all windows to prevent outsiders from seeing in?
  • If you have a window air conditioner, is it secured from the inside?
  • Do you display decals on accessible windows that would alert potential intruders that you are security-minded and have preventative measures in place (e.g. that you have a home alarm system, private security and/or are an active Block Watch member)?

Alarm System

  • Do you have a functioning alarm system installed in your home?
  • Do you arm the alarm system if you are going to be in your backyard for any length of time?
  • Do you have sensors installed on every door and every window?
  • Do you have decals on your accessible windows and doors stating that the house is protected by an alarm system?
  • Have you advised your neighbors to call the police should your alarm go off while you are away?


  • Have you stopped all regular deliveries (e.g., newspapers, milk, etc)?
  • Have you left shades and blinds in their normal positions?
  • Have you set timers on lights and radio?
  • Did you test your smoke and burglar alarms?
  • Did you turn the bell or ringer on your telephone down low?
  • Have you unplugged or locked your overhead garage door to prevent entry?
  • Is someone taking care of your yard?
  • Is your mail being held or picked up?
  • Have you notified your neighbors and asked them to keep an eye on your place?
  • Have you left an address and telephone number for where you can be reached with a trusted neighbor so you can be contacted in case of an emergency?
  • Did you ask a neighbor to park in your driveway so it appears someone is home?
  • Do you have any cat/dog entrances or milk boxes that are big enough for a small child to fit through?
  • Do you keep a list of all valuable property, credit cards and serial numbers in a safe place?
  • Is your valuable property engraved with your driver’s license or BC ID number?

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